Meet the WINNERS in our 2010 annual
pet lovers star search!

Grand Prize Winners 2010

Sharing this year's grand prize honors are Petal, a golden Syrian hamster, who is 1 year & 11 months old and Lupin, a banded grey Syrian hamster, who is 1 year & 4 months old.

Petal and Lupin are the tiny beloved companions of their proud humans, who told us that they both have huge personalities. Petal and Lupin keep their human family "constantly entertained with their amusing antics." We are told that they like to dress up for birthday parties (although they don't get much choice). And, they have a special liking for birthday cake, which they make short work of. They donít always see eye to eye, especially when food is around, but the one thing they never disagree on is how much their humans love and spoil them.

Seriously - I never got a birthday hat as cool as those! Way to go Petal and Lupin! And, congratulations on being named our 2010 Grand Prize Winners!

Our 2010 Pet Lover's Star Search
Grand Prize winners are:
Petal and Lupin




Our 2010 Pet Lover's Star Search

First Place Winners
(in no particular order):


Angelo: Angelo's loving humans rescued him from a Florida track just a few months ago. But, he has already let them know that he LOVES his treats! He is very smart and within weeks of his adoption learned to "lie down, sit, give paw, and stand on his hind legs and bark on command". He is a very loving dog and sticks his head down his humans' shirts for hugs when they get home from an outing and cries when they don't talk to him first thing in the morning." His humans love and adore him entirely and couldn't imagine their lives without him.

Sally Ann: Sally Ann's humans tell us she is a social butterfly who "greets everyone with a tail-wag and a lick" and "would make a good door- greeter at church." Here she is dressed to the nines with pink bows on her ears and brightly polished toenails.

Stella: Stella's adoring humans tell us that she is a wonderful and loving mother to her babies and that she spends her days watching out for them. She is a lovely llama, shown here with her summer cut.

Nick (Hedgehog) and Daisie (Pig): Nick and Daisie's humans tell us that Nick hangs out in the backyard with them on the weekends in the summer and that Daisie has always been interested in him.
How this photo came about: One afternoon Nick was walking around and Daisie saw him so she walked over to him and stopped about 3 ft from him, her hair stood up and she fell over (she does this when she wants a bellyrub). Their humans think perhaps Nick looks like a brush to her. Nick and Daisie cozied right up!

Denbigh: an 8 year old Welsh terrier, Denbigh has titles in Agility, Obedience and loves to do racing and lure coursing. She is currently learning to do tracking. Her human brags that Denbigh is "an amazing little girl and smiles on command!"

Kasper: Kasper' loving humans drove all the way from MN to KS to adopt him when he was 6 months old. Kasper loves to help himself to the vegetable garden. His favorites include: green beans, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes; and an occasional apple from the tree. His humans tell us that he is the radiant light in their lives. He looks pretty happy with that!

Drake: Drake's loving human tells us that he loves to play peek-a-boo! He also loves to ride on a blanket being dragged on the floor, like a prince on a magic carpet. He also (as you can see) enjoys a nice cozy warm nap in his bed. Like most ferrets, Drake loves to play hard and nap harder!
Drake was technically rescued twice. First by a man who discovered him roaming outdoors in his garden and who lovingly took him to a ferret shelter where he was safe until his loving humans found him there and brought him to his forever home. He looks grateful to us!


Our 2010 Pet Lover's Star Search

Honorable Mention

(although they will not be made into rubber stamps, these are just a few of the pets whose most precious of faces made our choice so difficult this year - seriously, I say this every year and it is always true: it was agonizing that we couldn't choose them all!), in no particular order.






Lacy and Honey Bear







Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our 2010 pet lover's star search - whether by sending in a photo of your pet or by voting for your favorite pic. You have all made our star search both fruitful and exciting (and the judging tortuously difficult).

Nearly every entry had some overwhelmingly charming quality. In fact, there were so many utterly captivating photos and delightful stories, that we ended up with a 7 first place winners - when we had originally planned for only 5. Luckily, our artist was able to accomodate additional winners this year. Thanks to everyone for making this year's star search such a success. I hope you'll all be back next year.

We also chose 9 entries for honorable mention - though we would have liked to have chosen many many more for recognition.

All pet photos have been resized to fit this page; many have also been cropped and a few have been digitally enhanced in other ways - to better suit this page and our purposes. Our judges made their choice based on the original photos as submitted (you'll see this when the art work is finished - drawings will be based on uncropped photos as well); many factors were considered. Tie-breaking essays were absolutely crucial in a couple of cases - so be sure to include those next time you enter!

All decisions are final. Prize packages will be shipped out to the addresses that were included with the winning entries - so if you have moved, will be moving, etc., please email us and let us know as soon as possible. We'd hate for your prize packages to end up at the wrong address. Thanks again!

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