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All artwork at RubberHedgehog.Com that is tagged "Vicke" is the work of North Carolina artist Vicke Hooper Kepling . Vicke's unique style brings her subjects to life with razor sharp definition and delicate finishing touches. She enjoys experimenting with contrast and her clients and subjects tend to be pleased with the effect it gives her final product.

Method: Vicke is very detail oriented and generally begins by drawing the eyes of her human and animal subjects. Once she is able to bring her subjects' eyes to life, everything else seems to fall into place. She starts with lighter lines and shading and then darkens as needed to bring out the depth and definition of her subjects.

Experience: Besides art classes in high school and college, Vicke has eight years experience in black and white photography, has created ink illustrations for Bittersweet Magazine in Lebanon, Missouri and has won awards for paintings entered into the Wood County Art Show in Ohio.

Contact Information: To contact Vicke for your custom art or design project, please call (336) 746-4456 or write her at Vicke Hooper Kepling 1370 John Lookabill Rd. Lexington, NC 27292.